JN Fibers / Sun Fiber

SUN FIBER is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CIXI JIANGNAN CHEMICAL FIBER CO., LTD of Zhejiang, Peoples Republic of China. SUN FIBER, an international manufacturer of PET staple fibers, has a planned annual throughput of 100,000 tons (220 million pounds) divided evenly between two phases. The first phase is scheduled to go into operation at the end of first quarter in 2015 . SUN FIBER uses recycled PET bottle flakes as raw material. We recycle, wash and produce at our Richburg, South Carolina facility. We devote ourselves to provide our US customers PET staple fiber fill with high quality, and excellent service.

Cixi Jiangnan Chemical Fiber

CIXI JIANGNAN Chemical Fiber Company, established in 2000, is a leading PET staple fiber manufacturer in China with an annual throughput of 100,000 tons (220 million pounds). Our products are mainly used within the home textile and furniture industry. We focus on PET fiber fill and supply the market with a full range of products. 

CIXI JIANGNAN is working to achieve cost optimization and the best raw material utilization ratio while being the most globally connected organization in the industry. Importing over $70M USD annually, 90% of the recycled PET used in our production is sourced from dozens of countries all over the world, The Company’s annual revenues exceed 800 million RMB ($130M USD), including exporting revenue over $80M US. Our customers are from dozens of countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. We have been the top choice in the global home textile and furniture industry as a result of top quality, competitive pricing and our global service concept.

Our company believes it is imperative to give back to the community. The company has provided over 540 jobs. The company believes that its associates are their most important asset, and focuses on their personal improvement and achievement. Currently, over 70% of our management team have been promoted and developed from within the company itself.

Our company focuses on management consistency. We are the only fiber company in the world to be inspected by officials of the ministry of commerce from EU, US and South Africa for anti-dumping. We have achieved zero tax rate of exporting from every organization that has reviewed our organization. This major success is a direct result of the standardization and transparency of our management team.

Our company is enthusiastic in the community and overall public well-being. We have adopted one local, major charity at each location and contribute annually in a significant way. In addition, we ensure contributions are provided to several other local charitable organizations. In addition, we participate in our customers’ charity projects from other nations.